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What is Amma?

Amma Bodywork Therapy is a medical modality that incorporates  acupressure with bodywork along the meridians. This balances the body by treating underlying disharmonies within the  organ systems, getting to the root of the problem.

Amma bodywork helps elevate serotonin levels, increasing  feelings of joy,  reducing stress, stabilizing one’s mood and promoting sleep.  When acupressure is applied, pain is alleviated,  circulation increases,  muscular tension and emotional blockages are released.  Treatments help the client achieve greater clarity of mind and focus, in turn helping one to have positive relationships. This work is holistic and are especially helpful in boosting the immune system, as well as helping with digestive disorders, insomnia, fatigue, women’s issues, headaches, neck and back pain, sciatica, hypertension, anxiety, depression, autoimmune conditions and colds and flues.

At Blue Heron Holistic Health, I am passionate about giving skilled and attentive bodywork, acupressure and coaching aimed at rebalancing the body and guiding clients to health. When people become healthy in body, mind and spirit they strive to do their personal life work. In a community where preventative health is focused on and dis-ease is treated, a dynamic home and work life are present.