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Lessons on Abundance

As I think back over this last year, and the lessons that I have learned, the one that has been emphasized over and over to me, is that we live in an abundant world! If you knew my whole story, you would know that I have not always felt this way, that I have been very poor most of my adult life (although comfortable and always well-fed), and that this has been a long journey. Perhaps like many of you, I did not know that I could have enough, or any sort of wealth (without a price). This was my belief. This poverty consciousness had me feeling lack in many areas, and it didn’t feel good, because if you have experienced this, (and most of us have), at the root of it, we don’t think we deserve the abundance, or somehow we are not good enough, or being punished. There is a lot of shame at the root of this, so you can see why so many of us don’t want to even look at it. Doing our inner work is messy, and looking at it is uncomfortable at it’s best. Until this last year, even when I was able to have enough clothes, or a nice enough car, or a nice place to live, there was always an area of lack in my life. (I should say that I am not 100% out of this paradigm, but I have shifted and still am greatly.) This often (like most of you) carried over into my health. We say to ourselves, and even cry out to all, that health care should be a Universal right! But underneath that, we have a hard time feeling like we can spend a certain amount on our health. Some of us are stuck with that we can’t afford bodywork (or certainly not more than once a month!), some of us are that we can’t afford the quality supplements, some of us are telling ourselves that we can’t afford organic. This is a shift that I guarantee you, you can make, but it’s going to take some risk.

When I was in school to get my Amma Therapy training, I began purchasing all organic. My food bill was high, but I knew that this was where I needed to put my money. And every time that I committed to my health, the Universe/God, has had my back. In 2016, I was in a car accident in which another car drove into my car. I wasn’t badly hurt, but I did have whiplash and the resulting headaches. I started to see a new chiropractor who turned my body around. This was the most expensive chiropractor I had ever seen! I had to pay out of pocket and wait for the insurance to reimburse me. It was hard for me to wrap my mind around the 8 month program that I signed up for. But, when I took the risk, the results happened. It was scary at first to think I would pay so much, and yet I knew I needed this. My neck completely healed and I’ve never had to go back in! The price was worth every bit.

I also took two business trainings that were thousands of dollars. I needed to understand how to grow my business, and I had never had formal business or marketing training, and so I had been eeking by. This investment has helped me to continue growing my business in a way that I didn’t know was possible before. This inner work keeps helping me to see how my life could be so much greater than I had ever felt possible. I still have debt from the training, but I know it will continue to pay off so that I can assist my community on a greater level. I now am envisioning something great that I will be sharing with our community. I am excited to tell you more about this in the near future!

So if you have felt that you can’t make that purchase for what your heart desires, or what your body truly needs, such as a package of Amma sessions, or coaching sessions, sit with your inner child and feel the root of this. Are you enough? You can tell him/her that you get to make a new choice now, and that the old story helped keep you safe. You can change your beliefs, you can create abundance, and every moment is a new moment! If you’d like to move through your belief blocks with EFT, I’d love to assist you.

And I encourage you to look over your past year, see what you have learned, and where you would like to go. Would you like to share that with me? I’d love to hear your year end review and celebrate how you’ve grown! I’m looking forward to assisting you in your path of greater health and abundance!

Many Blessings,



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