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Meet the Practitioner

As a graduate from Boise State University with an Education and Social Science degree, Tanya began her career as a Behavioral Therapist with children for seven years and as a Service Coordinator for eleven years with the developmentally disabled community. After working with children with autism to assist their behaviors and them still not getting the root cause addressed, she knew nutrition was the missing piece. She went back to school to study her passion: Holistic and Chinese Medicine. Tanya continues to find the latest research on gut and immune healing.

Tanya Kutterer is a Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist and Gut Health Specialist. She owns Blue Heron Holistic Health in Boise. Tanya practices, researches, writes and teaches on Holistic Nutrition, Chinese Medicine and Transformational Living. She is a graduate of the Wellspring School for Healing Arts.

After having chronic pain and issues surrounding food, mood and energy for years, and a Western diagnosis of “disease”, her health was alleviated through Amma (acupressure and Chinese Medicine) and nutritional and lifestyle changes. She is passionate about health and helping her clients to feel good again, bringing peace into their lives.

Tanya spends time hiking and photographing the mountains and deserts of Idaho with her loved ones. She loves to research, cook, dance, paint, do Qigong and yoga, sing and play guitar.