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Year of the Yin Fire Rooster and You!

The year of the Yin Fire Rooster began a few weeks ago on the New Moon, January 28th. Every year I like to talk about the energies from the changing of the guards with Chinese Astrology. So, let’s have some fun and explore what the rooster is calling in!

The rooster is best known for its greeting to start the day. Its exuberance, diligence, patience, and timeliness are all characteristics that can be found in a rooster year. We also see that the rooster can be boastful and is very confident in its self, and not afraid to honestly call it like it is. Devoting some time to beauty and what we want to see in the greater world as beautiful will be a good place to put attention. The rooster is not only lovingly devoted, but resourceful, hardworking and delights in doing things to the best of its abilities. Roosters are true to their word so you can trust they will be a good friend as well as walk their talk. Taking charge in your life and owning your power will be themes both individually and as a collective. The rooster is a leader, popular, active, and talkative, as well as dressed for success. This year it will behoove us to make planned action, get organized and take risks only if they are calculated. Perseverance will be a helpful energy from our friend the rooster, as this is a fire yin year and the energy can be tumultuous. With the dedicated and observant rooster on hand though, we can expect to solve issues and make great strides if we apply all we learn. They also signify a feminine aspect and we will want to pay more attention to our intuition. Overall, we can expect more predictability with a rooster year, but the fire will make things intense and there will be a lot of action and growth. Get out there and energize your life by owning your beauty and power and you will have an amazing year!

To Great Health & Prosperity!


Year of The Fire Monkey


Didn’t feel the New Year of January 1st was off to anything new? You may feel more in sync with the rhythms of the Chinese New Year, which is always two new moons after the Solstice. This year’s will fall on February 8th and is the Year of the Fire Monkey. So what does that mean?

When you think of monkeys, you may think of their intellect, their playfulness and prankster ways, their ability to work with the group, as well as their curiosity, liveliness and altruism. A year with a monkey influence will have these characteristics as well as be communicative, have the ability to problem-solve, be innovate, reasonable, influential, and dare to come from a place of personal truth. These aspects can be present within the individual and collective.

Monkeys when out of balance can be insecure, have that “monkey-mind” (being unfocused or scatter-brained), be self-indulgent, hyperemotional, fickle, impatient or immature. The monkey is honest, but it can also be gullible. Be careful when making any agreements to be sure you aren’t being taken advantage of.

The monkey is freed from inhibitions, and because it will test its theories, you will see its sometimes rebellious nature, but often with discernment. It’s not afraid to throw out old conventions, and take risks. Monkeys can do just about anything and do not give up easily! Because there is no shame or guilt holding them back, they are okay to march to the beat of their own drum. They also have an ability to use humor to keep them playful and youthful. Physical stamina is another thing they have, and keeping up routines or starting one will be a good focus this year. Keep these attitudes in mind as you continue creating your heart’s desire!

Five element theory shows how the elements of each season affect us on an emotional/psychospiritual level. These are earth, water, wood, metal and fire. Each year also has a correlating element.

The element of fire is creative, action-oriented, brings out one’s courage, generosity, passion and joy. When in balance we are open to and excited for change! The season of summer is associated with fire and we can also burn out if we overdo it, especially as the physical heat affects us. Out of balance fire within a person looks like being afraid to play, being overly serious, or even overly joyful. In harmony we can sort things out, be compassionate, we have a good sex drive and have sound judgment. There is freedom in finding a balance within one’s self with the fire nature this year. Look to how in the outer world you can assist the group mind to be in harmonious fire balance as well. And enJoy the monkeying around!!