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A Media Break: A Commitment and A Secret Weapon

There is no doubt we are living in stressful times, and especially when you turn on the news. The media has us scared and it’s easy to go into thinking the worst is yet to come. So how do we re-member that we live in a beautiful world, when we hear of the tragedies and don’t align with the powers that be?

We remember that WE all have a secret weapon. We are conscious creators. There are those in power that don’t want you to know this. But you know it. You know deep down how powerful you are, even if you aren’t using your power. And if you aren’t feeling powerful, it’s because it is down right scary for our ego, and it goes against the beliefs we grew up with. If you are are the powerful creator that is running the show of your life, and you get to choose what the next scenes are, then don’t you think that our thoughts about the whole world have some effect? Of course they do. And if we get stuck in fear and thinking the worst, and we all focus on that, then maybe we can all create the worst together, on a subconscious level. But, what if we are focused on the good in our life, the beauty in our neighborhoods, our families, friends, and in our hearts? Then we will have more of that. Our thoughts do affect things. WE are powerful. You ARE powerful. Never forget you have a secret weapon, and you get to choose. It is time to be you, and not the story that anyone else can come up with that would limit you. It is important to believe in a loving population on Earth, and know that life is safe, sacred, wonderful and sad at times.

And while we are creating, let’s also remember that we must embody whatever it is that we do. Taking a break from media will not only help you create a world in which to live and thrive, it will allow you to be healthy while doing so. When we are stressed, we cannot properly digest. Even if you don’t have digestive issues, if you experience anxiety, insomnia, pain, or any emotional imbalance, that is from an imbalance of the gut. The body needs to be in a state of calm, “rest and digest”, while eating. If you get stressed out and adrenaline begins to surge, the bad bacteria, viruses and parasites all begin to feast. This spells havoc for your gut and your health issues will flare. Sometimes it will take a little time to come up, but often it’s not long afterwards. So, while you may feel the need to get in some degree of news, I ask you to make a commitment to not do it while eating, before you eat, or within an hour of eating. And what about taking some days off of media or even a week off? And avoiding unpleasant topics in general while eating should be noted here. You will notice a difference in how you feel. Journal about this, and let me know your results.

Keep creating and doing good things. What are your musings and dreams for this beautiful world? Share this with others and write me to tell me about yours.

Many blessings,


The Cost of Health Care

“I believe that the medical system is the number 1 risk to human health today on the planet outside of war.” –Sayer Ji (author, researcher and founder of GreenMedInfo)

Most of you who have found me and work with me understand the value of holistic care and want to receive something that addresses the body, mind and spirit. My approach with Amma and Coaching is to continue to meet people’s health needs in a natural way. One reason I found Eastern medicine is because of seeing my granddad suffering for years on medications. He knew the interactions from the medications were giving him new symptoms, but he felt that he had to take the prescriptions to stay alive. You can imagine the disempowerment this brought. Prior to his retirement, he had a career that he loved, but once he was supposed to be living his golden years, he was in chronic pain. He would tell me when I visited, “I’m not worth a darn.” It hurt to know he felt hopeless, helpless and was only getting some small benefits from using Western medicine. His life was prolonged, but there was no quality. What makes me the saddest is that he wasn’t able to develop a deep relationship with me and my family because of it. Now I know that he had dreams and hopes and ideas just like you and I. And he is part of the reason I have dedicated my life to helping others be free from chronic pain.

I don’t believe that medications are needed forever, or that they should even be a first go to. Now you all know I believe in a time and place for medication, but what has hit home for me again recently are how many people are suffering on medications and the risks involved from long-term use. As I have moved into working with more chronic illness, I see the ramifications on a weekly basis of long-term medication usage, as well as surgeries that may have been unnecessary, and that have continued to do more harm than good. When faced with a choice between the cost of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) and Allopathic (Western) medicine, consider these statistics: The American Pain Foundation found that in 2006 only 23% of clients felt their treatment with the use of opioid medications was “very effective”. And according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, deaths from opioid overdose went from 4,030 in 1999 to 16,651 in 2010. In that same year, prescription painkiller overdoses killed 15,000 people. These are huge numbers that we should be scared about. Surgeries don’t get much better results. Surgeries for sciatica and low back pain cost up to $50 billion in health care costs annually. One of the studies that looked at surgeries vs. non-surgery techniques including acupuncture, physical therapy and massage showed the outcomes to be the same within two years. In a study of those with arthritis and two groups: one using standard medicine and the other using acupuncture found those who used the acupuncture or herbs got the same or better results. The Institute of Medicine put a cost for the management of chronic pain of $261 to $300 billion for medical treatment in the U.S. With all of that said, we have more reason to believe in the efficacy of alternative therapy. I continue to work with those in chronic pain, those with autoimmune diseases, adrenal fatigue, hormonal and menstrual imbalances. And I believe food is medicine. The right supplements and herbs can help carry us along until we find homeostasis. I created Blue Heron Holistic Health because I want to uplift people and get them to a place where they are healthy. When people become healthy, they have quality relationships; they serve their friends and families, their communities, and this precious planet.

Cheers to Holistic Health!


Why I Practice Amma

I have often been asked why I became trained in Amma and why this is the path I have chosen. Those who know me are aware of my passion for Chinese Medicine and Eastern and Holistic Nutrition. There have been many reasons that I began this work. First off, there was seeing my grandfather suffer for years on medications and the results of their side effects and interactions with one another. Then there was always my passion for alternative health and living ideas, which coincide with my holistic view of the Earth and deep care for this sweet planet we call home. The implications of being born into a time and place where we have grave environmental contamination from pollution of all kinds and where we all are paying the consequences has weighed heavy on my mind since I was a late teen. And then there has been my personal journey in which I have had blood sugar issues all my life, and later on I was faced with being diagnosed with a “disease”. I was told I would have to either have radiation, surgery or be on medication the rest of my life. I knew there were alternatives, and I have incorporated those to become dis-ease and pain-free! Today I am not on medication and have never had invasive Western treatment because of several Amma Therapists that shared their wisdom and knowledge with me. I am grateful.

For those I haven’t shared with I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, a form of hyperthyroidism that speeds up your metabolism and your heart rate. Not only was I constantly eating and hungry, but I was an emotional wreck on a daily basis. At that time in my life I was close to losing everything: my mind, my job, my relationship, and I have never felt more out of control. While I did get on Western medication to get stabilized (and for which I am deeply thankful), I quickly reversed my condition and within three months was off of medication, never to be on it again.

It has now been four years and I no longer suffer. I have adopted a gluten-free life which is imperative to my thyroid health. I also take many high quality supplements daily and have incorporated a daily meditation practice into my life. I eat organic and many locally-raised foods. My exercise regime is full of regular hiking, dancing and mindful movement. And last but certainly not least are the Amma treatments and other energy and healing modalities I receive monthly or more. My thyroid only acts up a little now and again when in times of stress and imbalance. It is a reminder to me to take the self-care needed to feel good in my body.

I am grateful for the life I live and while it takes persistence and continual learning, I know that those things come with greater ease than accepting a path without it. I am now dedicated to working with people to prevent pain and to reduce and alleviate pain for those who suffer. I know pain has its lesson for all of us, but I have learned that once you stop and listen to what your mind/body/heart is saying, it will move on as it is temporary like all things in life.

Many Blessings,