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A Media Break: A Commitment and A Secret Weapon

There is no doubt we are living in stressful times, and especially when you turn on the news. The media has us scared and it’s easy to go into thinking the worst is yet to come. So how do we re-member that we live in a beautiful world, when we hear of the tragedies and don’t align with the powers that be?

We remember that WE all have a secret weapon. We are conscious creators. There are those in power that don’t want you to know this. But you know it. You know deep down how powerful you are, even if you aren’t using your power. And if you aren’t feeling powerful, it’s because it is down right scary for our ego, and it goes against the beliefs we grew up with. If you are are the powerful creator that is running the show of your life, and you get to choose what the next scenes are, then don’t you think that our thoughts about the whole world have some effect? Of course they do. And if we get stuck in fear and thinking the worst, and we all focus on that, then maybe we can all create the worst together, on a subconscious level. But, what if we are focused on the good in our life, the beauty in our neighborhoods, our families, friends, and in our hearts? Then we will have more of that. Our thoughts do affect things. WE are powerful. You ARE powerful. Never forget you have a secret weapon, and you get to choose. It is time to be you, and not the story that anyone else can come up with that would limit you. It is important to believe in a loving population on Earth, and know that life is safe, sacred, wonderful and sad at times.

And while we are creating, let’s also remember that we must embody whatever it is that we do. Taking a break from media will not only help you create a world in which to live and thrive, it will allow you to be healthy while doing so. When we are stressed, we cannot properly digest. Even if you don’t have digestive issues, if you experience anxiety, insomnia, pain, or any emotional imbalance, that is from an imbalance of the gut. The body needs to be in a state of calm, “rest and digest”, while eating. If you get stressed out and adrenaline begins to surge, the bad bacteria, viruses and parasites all begin to feast. This spells havoc for your gut and your health issues will flare. Sometimes it will take a little time to come up, but often it’s not long afterwards. So, while you may feel the need to get in some degree of news, I ask you to make a commitment to not do it while eating, before you eat, or within an hour of eating. And what about taking some days off of media or even a week off? And avoiding unpleasant topics in general while eating should be noted here. You will notice a difference in how you feel. Journal about this, and let me know your results.

Keep creating and doing good things. What are your musings and dreams for this beautiful world? Share this with others and write me to tell me about yours.

Many blessings,


Are You an Intuitivore?

Yes I made up that word: intuitivore. This is someone who consumes by using their intuition. This would look like eating what our body tells us we need in the moment, as well as living by our intuition in all ways, not just related to food. What if we woke up and after we meditated (because meditation gives us the focus from our higher self), when you got to work you were supposed to work on one project, but you had no inspiration, but another thing that was on the schedule for tomorrow lit you up. Do that! Now sure, we’d have to follow what is needed within the scope of work, but maybe we could feel out what is best, and check in with others about what feels good for us to offer according to our energies and what lights us up. Perhaps this sounds impossible given your job and family needs? Let’s set aside for the moment that this is an outlandish idea. Place that ‘impossibility’ on the shelf on the edge of your mind, and let’s open this up and play.

What if we all lived by our intuition? Would we be sick because we pushed ourselves too hard? Probably not. In what ways can we begin to see this as a forseeable future? Starting with food, and honoring our needs is a good first step. Our bodies get to be in charge of us anyway. Here’s an example: My body recently decided to give me a bad headache and I was unable to work. I had to stay in bed with an ice pack on my neck. Some people take painkillers, but they don’t work for me and I prefer natural approaches (tumeric and Recovery), and I knew I had to do the emotional work. I laid in bed and thought about what had recently upset me. It was a combination of a relationship in which I needed better boundaries, and a dream I’d had that brought up old grief. I had to process it and I cried and released it. Later that day I did see my Amma Therapist, and she helped my body to let go of how the physical manifestation had come in. And as we processed it further during the session, I released the rest and let it all go.

This could have been resolved sooner had the week before as the issues were coming up I had attended to it. I kept trying to push through the next task, or the next outing, and meanwhile I wasn’t honoring that there was something underneath really bothering me. Our thoughts and emotions need room and space to be allowed, so we can release and grow and then flourish. But, we have to carve that time out.

We need to honor what is in the flow with us in our life. If we get to work and we find that we were going to have left over chicken and veggies for lunch, but our body is saying it can’t do meat right then, instead of pushing through and forcing what isn’t in the flow, try allowing. Allow yourself to go to the store or food place and order that salad with fruit, nuts and a healthy dressing. Not listening and stuffing our bodies with things that don’t sound good, will ultimately and eventually take it’s toll on the body and cause imbalance.

These small steps in doing what is right for you may seem like a small thing, but honoring that intuition will allow more in. Here’s what happened last week. I was working on this blog and all of the sudden I remembered I needed to respond to an email, or a message sent. I messaged the woman as this voice/knowing came in to get back to her. My timing couldn’t have been more perfect! She was in town for two days, and could meet with me. Our conversation led to an opportunity for me, and a healing for her. If I hadn’t reached out then, we wouldn’t have had that experience. A day later I was doing some paperwork and remembered I needed to mail some letters. I printed and prepped them and tucked them into the mailbox, closing the door and pulling up the flag. I walked into my backyard to put something else away. I came around the front one minute later and saw the postman at the mailbox. Eureka! Earlier that week I reached out to a friend to tell her I was open to contributing to a fundraiser, should she do one. She got back to me and had been contemplating a fundraiser, but needed that confirmation and nudge to get the ball rolling. I just followed a hunch to reach out about this. We had never talked about a fundraiser for her business before!

These events keep happening for me, as I continue to be aware and open to the opportunities. They flow in and if I don’t honor them, they flow out too. Sometimes they move on when I sit on them or think too hard. But most of the time, I listen and act quickly (or more often do). I have always considered myself an intuitive, but it’s growing, and there’s always room for more growth. It’s fun to see how much more of an adventure life is when following intuition. How can you become an intuitivore in your life?

Free Fall!


Summer Transition Energies & How To Support Your Body

The season of late summer is upon us. Late evening light wanes and is paired with cool mornings. The crisp smells of the coming autumn are on the tips of our nose buds. With the season transition towards fall we may find ourselves in or out of balance with the element of Earth that governs the time between seasons.

For years I loathed the changing of the season and found it difficult to adjust to the shorter days and the heat leaving. I still love summer and am saddened that I must let it go, but as I become healthier in my body by getting the rest I need, eating whole foods and nourishing myself with a loving community, I find this time easier. My Earth element was out of balance by my constant overthinking due to the stressful relationships that I attended to. (Remember the element of Earth’s emotion is worry, rumination, overthinking and analyzing). As I have shifted my life into one of thriving, being honest with myself and devoting my life to my mission and purpose, I have continued to feel greater ease as this seasonal shifting time. Are you in balance?

The Earth element is associated with the organs of the stomach and spleen, so digestion will be highlighted. Are you taking the time to chew and enjoy your meals? Have you attended to eating with the season? We have an abundance of foods available to us that are in season and that can be enjoyed this time of year. Getting all the colors of the rainbow on your plate should come easily.

This season has to do with nourishing ourselves and feeling the abundance in our lives. Are you satisfied? Do you have enough and are you able to share your abundance? If you find yourself feeling resistive to change, are overindulging, overly-ingratiating, forgetful, extremely fatigued, worried, foggy-brained or needy of attention, then you are experiencing Earth out of balance. An inability to nourish the body or mind is an imbalance as well. Physically, the body can be affected by nervousness, hurried eating, and our food will not be assimilated if this is the case. If you are “holding on” to emotions and thoughts, you may experience constipation. An inability to “stomach” the ideas of others or resisting the end of summer may cause indigestion for some.  Muscle issues such as tension (inflexibility), stiffness, edema, loose or flabby skin or muscles and cracking or peeling of the skin also shows a disharmony.

By getting Amma bodywork, you can build on nourishing yourself and have the imbalances shift. Your energy will increase, your digestion will improve and your emotions will feel balanced as a result of a session. Transformation Coaching can help you to thrive and create the life that you are meant to live, in alignment with your highest mission and purpose.

Get things flowing!



Semiannual Review Time!

It’s hard to believe we are over half way through the year and it’s time to do a semiannual review of life to see what we’ve accomplished and where we are headed. It is time to celebrate all that we have done and look at what we are planning. Let’s make sure we are on track with our soul’s highest intentions and see what has been working so far and what needs to be let go of.

If you already journal, take some time to look back through it. Or, look over your calendar or goal list if you save it to see what you’ve been prioritizing. If you did write out goals or a plan for the year for yourself or your business, get that out and see what you can celebrate and what you want to change.

Here are thoughts for you to reflect and journal on:

  • What are your top triumphs?
  • What lessons have you had?
  • What areas can you see that you’ve grown in?
  • What would you like to be different?
  • What steps do you need to get to where your goals are?
  • What are you grateful for?

And, if you’d like to dive deeper into this, I am now offering Transformational Coaching. If you are wanting to get more clear on your path, achieve a goal quicker, get through a change or tough time in your life- whether it’s career, health, relationships related, or just stay on track with all of your to-do’s and get more organized and efficient, then this coaching is for you!