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I have been under Tanya’s care for the past three months, and can honestly say it is the best medical care I have ever received, from any practitioner, of traditional OR alternative medicine. My initial complaint of severe tension headaches secondary to cervical neck pain resolved within two sessions and has not recurred. More, I have lost weight, am sleeping better, have more energy, and over all feel my quality of life is markedly improved. Tanya, and AMMA, get my highest endorsement.

T. Burgess, LCSW

That spoon treatment [Guasha] that you provide has been more effective than any other form of body work at targeting deep and recurring pain– I haven't experienced it lately- the discussions about healing foods also helped educate me about the right things to eat for my body.

S. Campbell

Tanya is an excellent Amma Therapist. I have been seeing her for over the past three years, including throughout my second pregnancy. Tanya has an in-depth knowledge of Chinese Medicine, nutrition and acupressure, and she is able to tailor each treatment to meet the specific needs of her clients. Her advice, when followed, can really make a difference. Best of all, I always get a huge energy boost every time I get a treatment!

T. Binggeli

I had a session with Tanya and absolutely loved it! Tanya is very educated and has a love and passion for what she does. This love and passion flows through her sessions. I felt amazing afterwards and the health advice I received from Tanya has helped me to heal my body.

As a mental health professional, I highly recommend Tanya. I trust Tanya's skills enough that I will be referring clients to her.

L. Cheyney

My first session with Tanya was a dramatic and powerful experience. I could feel and sense a recalibration both physically and energetically. This left me feeling measurably more balanced and centered. However, it was the assessment she offered after the treatment that proved astounding. Her findings indicated certain areas of struggles and as she wrote a list of foods that would contribute to them I realized they were all foods I ate EVERY day! She gave me several nutritional alternatives to try, among other recommendations. I wish I would have made my appointment sooner! Tanya has a soothing presence and gentle delivery that really helps the medicine go down. I hope to visit her regularly.

A. Noriega

I had an amazing Amma session with Tanya today. It was so relaxing and just what my body needed! Tanya is so knowledgeable about nutrition and gave me many tips and suggestions to help improve my health. I am so thankful I found her and booked a session with her! I will be back for many more sessions!

V. Hendrichs

The best practitioners are ones that you can grow with. They help you learn things you never knew about your body, mind, and emotions. Sometimes even soul. After several sessions you find yourself becoming more familiar and intimate with the technique used. I felt this way about Tanya the first time she worked with me. After you leave you'll notice by the way you feel.

D. Arnold

I met Tanya at a networking group. I had never had any acupressure done before. So I thought i would try it out. I have scoliosis and was looking for some different kind of help. It was the most wonderful deep tissue massage I had ever had! I was feeling fantastic! I was also having some issues with acid reflex and hot flashes. She gave me some ideas to try and a lot of them have worked. She has always been there to help me on the spur of the moment if I had a serious issue, which I did recently. I hurt my ribs and pulled a muscle, but she fixed me right up! She is a wonderful, caring person. If she doesn't know something she will find out for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Acupressure works on all the insides, not just muscles on the outside. That is what makes it so great! You can feel good from the inside out! 🙂 I will keep coming back for regular visits, because it is a must to my health.

S. Burgess

The session felt really good - very relaxing and I almost fell asleep a couple of times.

I had previously had some flu symptoms for about a week (mostly in my neck and head) when I arrived for the session. After the session, I haven't had any symptoms whatsoever! My headache was gone immediately. My neck was still stiff initially afterward, but about 30 minutes later I noticed the muscles were loose and relaxed for the first time in a week. I coughed up a little phlegm the next morning, and my sore throat has not returned. It's been 3 days and I no longer feel sick at all.

Yay! I think you have a new convert to Amma therapy!

Thanks so much.

D. Yurkovich

Periods became challenging somewhere in my mid 30's. The difficulties came gradually, after having 2 kids, and got to the point where the pain made it challenging to manage work and parenthood responsibilities. I had talked to my OBGYN about it and she just said that our cycles can change as we age and advised Advil for pain management.

I started working with Tanya primarily for some issues I was having with energy and possible thyroid and adrenal issues. Before I started working with Tanya, I was completely convinced that very painful, crampy periods were just something I was going to have to live with, so much, that I don't think I even mentioned the pain for my first few Amma appointments.

Within a couple of months of specifically addressing period pain with Tanya, I now have cycles without any cramps and minimal discomfort. My heavy flow is more manageable, I have more energy and more balanced moods as well. It has been life changing not to "lose" 2-3 days every cycle due to painful periods.

C. Ball

I feel so lucky to have met Tanya. I came to her with multiple issues, both physically and emotionally, and right away she put my mind at ease. Her knowledge and healing Amma touch therapy has really turned my monthly cycle around, as well as helped ease tension, stress and anxiety both in my physical and mental energetic bodies. I did not know you could go through life as a woman without menstrual cramps, but she really showed me the light! Through Amma and Chinese Traditional Herbs, I am free from pain! I could not have asked for a more wonderful practitioner.

Thank you again for all you do!

J. Crawford

Thorough and detailed in her approach, Tanya's work is always beneficial to my well being!

R. Love

Tanya came highly recommended and i sought her services for my adrenal fatigue and low energy issues. I also have complained that it felt like my "angel wings" were in need of repair, as i tend to hunch over my computer which creates a lot of tension in the shoulders. Upon arrival, i felt immediately at ease; her office is welcoming and serene, her bedside manner is very comforting and I was extremely pleased with the acupressure and guasha technique, which seemed to unleash a lot of that tension I had been carrying for months. I'll definitely be back!

D. Champine

Tanya is passionate, really wanting to help people heal and find their optimum health. I highly recommend her. (And I'm still impressed by what she can see just by checking my pulse or looking at my tongue...)

G. Huntley

I have been receiving care from Tanya for about 3 months now and have seen dramatic changes in my health. I feel that my body is in balance. My fatigue has greatly been reduced and my female system is back in balance. After every session, I feel revitalized and like the energy in my body has been stimulated and refreshed. Tanya is very knowledgeable and helpful to her clients. Her friendly and welcoming demeanor allows many people to receive excellent healthcare in a warm environment. I highly recommend services at Blue Heron Holistic Health!!

J. Landis

Tanya is just amazing! She was able to neutralize pain that I had been plauged with for years and it has not returned!! Whoop Whoop. I highly recommend her treatment which is a combo of acupressure, body work and Chinese Medicine. Call her for a free consultation; you won't regret it!!

T. Bishop

I found the good Doctor to be very professional, very thorough and a great listener. She has instruments that help her to determine your 'bottom line' problem and what she prescribed for me was right on and fixed the problem. If you are wanting to go a complimentary route with your medical care, I highly recommend you call the clinic and make an appointment. Hugs to All

J. Allen

I have gone to Blue Heron Holistic Health for healing and for information, and she not only gave a good session, but she shared with me a bunch of Oriental Medicine information that I have found very helpful. Will go back to her for her healing, insight and expertise. Good experience.

B. Weikel

I really appreciate Tanya's holistic view of health and healing. She has amazing knowledge in Chinese Medicine, but also a very strong background in many other natural health modalities. It is always a great experience when I see her.

A. Lavesque

VERY helpful in calling from out of state to get an urgent last minute appointment for my local daughter! Fantastic customer service.

J. Cameron

I know that in a world filled with confusion and uncertainty their is a place where the real stuff happens, where we can see ourselves as part of something bigger than we can imagine, where we can discover our true nature and open doors to a calmer existence. Thanks, Tanya

W. Friedmann

Tanya was very professional and warm with her approach and knowledge was outstanding. She was adaptable to my beliefs and how I wanted to handle her suggestions. We think along the the same lines. Her meridian knowledge confirmed my personal thoughts and the massage is unique and very powerful with great results! Thank you!

L. Barlow

My session was informative, enlightening, valuable. I appreciate the compassion, integrity and knowledge that Tanya has and shares with her clients.

S. Christianson

Tanya is a great inspiration and truly practices what she preaches. A great practitioner if you feel you could learn or feel better with Amma.

D. McManamon

Would highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and professional.

E. Gomez

Blue Heron Holistic Health is a real plus to our Boise community and beyond.

K. Lowe

Thank you for keeping me on the healthy track, Tanya!

M. Wright