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Abundance is a Birthright

If you’ve already had some smirking resistance to this statement, it’s okay. This hasn’t been the popular thought for many centuries, or even millennia now. But, we truly are in a new day and new age. We no longer have to be held back by limiting beliefs, and by lack. So why is there still so much suffering? Because we are shifting out of an old paradigm. It is only when we can have awareness that we can change. When you’ve ever changed a habit that you knew no longer served you, it took that awareness that it no longer served you, then the mind shift, you sought teachers and tools, and then implemented the changes. It may have been sloppy and muddled at first. You made lots of mistakes; maybe you didn’t get the new habit down for months or even years. Still, you strode on until it was your new normal.

We live in a law of attraction world. This too can be a triggering statement. Why do we attract the painful situations? Why do things continue to happen that we are CERTAIN we didn’t create, nor that we want to to entertain. Trust me, I get this. It has been my quest for a couple of years now to really understand this. I’m sure there may be more layers to my learning, but I’m happy to share with you the gift that I’ve unraveled. The truth is that underneath all of what we do with our mindset, there are still things in our DNA that is encoded that we received from previous generations. These include beliefs, negative habits (in our perception), trauma, and other stories that aren’t true for us, or even for anyone that came before. (And the good news is you can let these go with ease!)

I’m going to share something that has been painful, and a secret. It was something that I held as shameful, and I no longer believe this to be true. I had been especially traumatized the last year with this, before my transformation this summer. Most of you know me to be a happy and positive person. I truly do believe I am. And it pained me that once a month, I was triggered immensely by the struggle of working so hard and getting so little for return. I’d tried various forms of healings; sought after all the best coaches, mentors, books, journaled, meditated, did mindful movement and gratitude lists. I did everything in my power to change this paradigm. It improved, but there was still a great struggle and deep and profound pain. For me, at least once a month I felt suicidal. It creeped into my awareness initially, and the devastation quickly took hold. I would never take an act to hurt myself, but I would deeply pray for me to go away from here, and no longer be a part of this experience. I was ready to move on. I had taken on so much in this life, and truthfully felt I had many years and days of existence that lacked joy. I still kept on like a trooper, but on those days, I was ready to lay down my sword and surrender, hoping to dissipate and begged the creator, my angels and guides to release me. I cry just sharing this. I’m sorry if this pains you too, but I know many of us carry these seeds in us that are not our Truth, or even us at all.

I finally looked for something to help me with limiting beliefs, as there had to be something else I hadn’t yet figured out. I am always researching until I find the answers I am looking for. I found a new coach, Tera Maxwell. My life changed this summer when she shared with me The Conscious Creation Reality Method in her Mermaid Codes Course. When I had my coach under Tera Maxwell, Lynne Vides Katz work with me to lift this way of being as I asked her to to help me. I never again have had a suicidal thought. This shift happened in August, and it’s held for 4 months. This is my new normal. You see, it was never mine to begin with. The pain that I was feeling had happened either in past generations or while I was in the womb or during birth. It wasn’t my truth. I always have wanted to be alive and vibrant, to be the light leader and change maker that I know I am. I’ve always held strong to this truth, but a piece of this untruth held on to me through fibers of my physical and energetic being. It influenced me, and it caused that disruption of energy to my being. I’ve recovered.

This is why I knew I had to become certified in The Conscious Creation Reality Method. I took the leap of faith and made it happen. I spent eleven days immersed in the jungle of Costa Rica at a beautiful retreat center, The Imiloa Heart Institute for Humanities. I did intensive breathwork, did Quantum Flow~ a process to release old physical pain from the cells and organs, and I held intentions, sought and received answers and had an immensely transformation experience. I learned the Conscious Creation Reality Method, also known as The Affluence Method, where I clear out the energy patterns in myself and others. It’s been amazing these profound shifts when I’m clearing out. I’ve shifted vibrationally, and I am now embracing all aspects of my being. I’m accepting and Being.

Abundance truly is our birthright. Our lives can be as expansive as we wish. We choose the playground. As Tera Maxwell likes to say, this is our video game. What would you like your life to look like? What ways would you like to Be? Yes, you CAN have it all. No, it doesn’t always look exactly as we imagined, but as the Magician I can assure you, the Universe gives you only The Greatest Life when you ask.

I’d love for you to have an opportunity to experience my Transformation Coaching work. I know it’s time for the people and planet to let go of old stories that no longer serve. It can be a hard time of year for some during the holidays, but we can allow this to shift if we allow and receive. I’m here for you, and your Truth is waiting for you.

Blessings of Truth, Abundance and Light,

Tanya Starlight

Why People Actually Get Sick in Autumn (Hint: it has to do with Minerals)

Recently I went to a benefit dinner and auction to support the people of Guatamala, some of the most malnourished people in the world. I learned the main reason they are so malnourished is that their primary food source is corn, and there is no zinc in corn, and so the people lack this mineral needed to fight disease. This story struck me deeper, as I have researched minerals to find what benefits my clients need, and zinc in particular is one that is widely deficient here as well. Zinc also has far reaching effects and deficiencies can cause food cravings and weight gain. On a positive note, when we have sufficient amounts of zinc, it balances the blood sugar as well as it balances hormones in women.

If you have taken a gut healing class of mine, I address the role that toxins play in disrupting the gut microbiome and ultimately, our immune system. (See classes tab for my upcoming workshop on this). And the toxins that we are exposed to are everywhere: our food, the air and water. That doesn’t mean to not care or give up. In fact, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant to get as little exposure to toxins to keep ourselves well. Minerals have the ability to bind to other minerals, as well as they use the same binding sites as heavy metals. When there are enough minerals in the body working synergistically together, the heavy metals don’t stand as large of a chance of binding on to those same sites.

What does this have to do with getting sick in the autumn? In Chinese Medicine, there is an element that governs every season. The season of autumn’s element is metal. Minerals are of the metal element, and are essential for our physical structure, including our ability to communicate. The organs of the lungs and colon rule this season as well. This is why the lungs (and throat) are so often affected during this season, and why we can be more susceptible to colds and illness or have problems with talking, especially for teachers and public speakers. The minerals are needed for our bone structure, so the spinal column, and neck are affected more too. Neck pain and headaches are often more common in this season, if the body isn’t moving properly. Along our spinal column lies our amazing lymphatic system, which must be moved in order for our body to move toxins out. I highly recommend a vigorous walk, or rebounding (jumping on a trampoline) as part of your regimen to stay well and move your lymph. Also, gentle yoga classes are excellent for moving the spine. At home, do cat cow regularly.

The last thing that minerals and autumn have to do with getting sick is sugar. Yes, sugar. That word that can carry so much guilt and shame for many of us. We all know it’s not good for us, but what I want to make clear is that when we eat sugar, it also disrupts our bodies ability to keep the minerals that we have. Sugar also has no nutrient value, and most of it is from GMO sugar beets. GMO’s are proven to increase the risk of cancer, allergies, infertility and aging. Sugar is not our friend, and we all need to learn and share what we can do to minimize it and get away from our addiction to it. I teach how to break free from sugar addiction in my nutrition coaching. I can tell you that you do have willpower, and while I know it’s been discouraging, there are tools I have learned that can help you recover.

Sadly, the rise in using sugar, along with not addressing toxins has caused the following statistics:

● 1 in 4 will get Alzheimer’s by age 60 (1 in 2 by 85)
● 1 in 7 between ages 18 and 39 already complain of memory problems
● 1 in 6 adults is on a psychiatric drug
● Average attention span 20 years ago was 12 seconds; today roughly ½ of that
● 1 in 5 people suffer from neurological disorders

The good news is there are healthy alternatives to sugar (in moderation): honey, real maple syrup, molasses, stevia, coconut sugar, date sugar, and lucuma. Also, in Chinese Medicine the flavor of sour counteracts sweet. If you have a sugar craving, try having some lemon water or a sour food to see if that satiates you. For more tips, see my upcoming Free Class: Holiday Cheer Without the Weight Gain. (This will be on a Zoom call from the comfort of your home). 

I can be your guide in helping you determine what you may be lacking and quality formulations for supplements, as well as providing the coaching and bodywork to maintain or gain your gut healing and your immunity.

Here’s to A Well and Vibrant You!


Begin Again: Your Way Out of Pain and Frustration to a Happier You

What we don’t know can hurt us. How many of us have changed from doing something that seemed good, to learning it was hurting us? I used to microwave organic meals and thought it was healthy. This doesn’t mean I was “wrong” or “bad”, I just did the best I knew at the time. I didn’t know that the food lacked vitality after it was microwaved, or that being in a plastic container would leach the plastic into my body and cause hormonal imbalances.

If we are aspiring to grow, we find new ways to become the best version of our self. We learn along the way that how we once did things, or how we currently are doing things isn’t working any longer. We may get sick, feel confused or emotionally hurt, but at the root of it we just aren’t happy.

You are here because you want to be happy, feel better and have a commitment to learning, to health and a life where you thrive. We are on a journey together.

The larger world is filled with stores lined with boxed and plastic-wrapped food. At one point, convenience trumped the ideals of health and then were marketed to us as though we could have both. This is a hard reality we have to wake up to, as we all have been put into situations where we have to work and do a lot of things to make ends meet. We are all a part of this change though. We all are a part of the healing. Everyone’s guts are compromised from a myriad of things: stress, processed foods, medications and more. At the root of healing, is a commitment to healing the gut, your emotions and having your body work synergistically.

I personally am a system buster and committed to learning how systems are not working and designing new ones that can help others. My mission in life is to help others to heal and grow. Every step of the way, we have opportunity to learn and begin again. It’s time to let blame, shame and complaining go. We can’t continue falling into victimhood, or waiting for someone to rescue us either. When you commit to health, and to thriving in life, you take on what you are ready for.

I’m here as a guide on your path to becoming happy. I too didn’t feel happy for many years, I also had great physical and emotional pain. But, this is always a wake up call. And, it doesn’t have to last so long, unless we resist. A universal law is what we resist persists.

If you are ready for a transformation, I’m here to serve you. My upcoming classes will give you tools to start or continue your journey. I’m opening up time for clarity sessions if you’d like to work together and gain a health break through. We are in this together. Are you ready for a happier you?


Busting Nutrition Myths on Proteins, Fats and Dairy

There are so many iterations on my path in being sick, and my path to becoming well. Every healing layer has helped me to see the possibilities in their fullest for me to become the best version of myself. Most of you know I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, or Graves Disease. I was in tremendous physical and psychological pain for a few years as I dealt with this; not knowing what was really happening, and being misdiagnosed twice. Shortly after my diagnosis and treatment, I went off the medication to treat the thyroid and have never again used it. I would say at this point, I have healed my thyroid. I feel amazing, and am walking proof of the healing you too can have. If you have taken a class of mine, you’ve heard me share it takes an average of 5 to 6 doctors and 5 years to receive a diagnosis for autoimmune. Too many of us suffer too long! Then we are given our choice of: medications, steroids, surgeries and radiation to deal with our suffering. Next we are told we can never truly heal and that what autoimmunity is, is our own body attacking us. Many people I talk to give up hope on the opportunity to see the possibility to heal. We can feel adrift, lose faith that the body is designed to heal, and forget we deserve a pain free life. I get this, although I never have given up because I’ve always known there is a natural approach to everything.

My experience of hyperthyroid left me feeling ravenous after an hour or two of a large protein-filled meal. I was anxious and crying every time I sat down to eat. Anger and grief rolled into every couple of hours, as my blood sugar dipped. I felt alone, abandoned, and like no matter what I tried, I suffered. My partner and I fought, and he thought I was crazy. I had more problems with work and the people I worked with. I had headaches 5 days a week, and my neck and back were severely tense at all times. I had to eat before bed so I could sleep, and sometimes awoke in the night, needing to eat to get back to sleep. When that happened, I ate cheese.

Since then, I’ve learned not only do people need to get off gluten if they have an autoimmune condition, but they also need to cut out dairy. Once I researched how hard dairy is on the body, it was easy to let it go. I say that as someone who ate cheese every day. Yes, I was a cheeseaholic, and easily said goodbye, never to return. And, I don’t feel deprived either. You see, I thought that eating raw cheese was okay, and whole unsweetened yogurt was also healthy. Many schools of thought establish this in the autoimmune and holistic nutrition community. But, dairy is not our friend. Dairy causes phlegm, dampness and congestion of the lymph in the body. The burden on the lymph system makes it difficult to properly clear out toxins. We live in a toxic world and no matter how careful we are with our diet, all of us have overburdened livers. This is from toxins in the air, water, food and products we are exposed to. For those of us with chronic illness, we have toxicity in our bodies that needs release.

When we continue to burden the liver with the wrong foods, a secondary autoimmune condition can begin. This is why removing all the trigger foods matters. I myself developed a skin condition that has remained, despite years of previous diets targeted to heal what appeared to be a fungal infection. I also started to have more and more food sensitivities. My teeth also suffered from the eating in the night and I had many cavities from the acid coming up in my mouth as I slept because I had eaten and then laid back down. I believe continuing to eat meat, nuts, eggs and dairy was what brought this on. We have been sold a lie that says to get enough protein, we must eat meat, dairy and eggs and we couldn’t possibly get enough from plants. After more research and experimenting on myself, I now know plants are full of protein. I have been off meat for 3 months now, and eating only veggies and fruits for over a month. Furthermore, I only use about 2 teaspoons of seeds or nuts and 1 avocado a day. I can honestly say I have incredible energy and am full of vitality! I’m not advocating that everyone must go all plant-based. I do believe the path to healing requires a plant-based cleanse for a period of time. However, once you have healed, small amounts of nuts, seeds and meat can be added in.

When I believed the protein myth, I thought I was following a healthy diet. This is the paleo autoimmune protocol that many practitioners advocate. I had researched well, and was proud that I followed in the footsteps of functional doctors I admire. I do believe there is value in taking grains out of the diet for some time. My gut has healed to the point where I reintroduced gluten-free grains and do well with them (when not cleansing). However, the amount of protein and fat from meat and nuts were a burden to my liver. You too, can heal more deeply by eating a more plant-based diet. There is more to understanding the fats and toxicity and to healing. I will share in my next newsletter. Stay tuned!

Until then, Be Well!


A Media Break: A Commitment and A Secret Weapon

There is no doubt we are living in stressful times, and especially when you turn on the news. The media has us scared and it’s easy to go into thinking the worst is yet to come. So how do we re-member that we live in a beautiful world, when we hear of the tragedies and don’t align with the powers that be?

We remember that WE all have a secret weapon. We are conscious creators. There are those in power that don’t want you to know this. But you know it. You know deep down how powerful you are, even if you aren’t using your power. And if you aren’t feeling powerful, it’s because it is down right scary for our ego, and it goes against the beliefs we grew up with. If you are are the powerful creator that is running the show of your life, and you get to choose what the next scenes are, then don’t you think that our thoughts about the whole world have some effect? Of course they do. And if we get stuck in fear and thinking the worst, and we all focus on that, then maybe we can all create the worst together, on a subconscious level. But, what if we are focused on the good in our life, the beauty in our neighborhoods, our families, friends, and in our hearts? Then we will have more of that. Our thoughts do affect things. WE are powerful. You ARE powerful. Never forget you have a secret weapon, and you get to choose. It is time to be you, and not the story that anyone else can come up with that would limit you. It is important to believe in a loving population on Earth, and know that life is safe, sacred, wonderful and sad at times.

And while we are creating, let’s also remember that we must embody whatever it is that we do. Taking a break from media will not only help you create a world in which to live and thrive, it will allow you to be healthy while doing so. When we are stressed, we cannot properly digest. Even if you don’t have digestive issues, if you experience anxiety, insomnia, pain, or any emotional imbalance, that is from an imbalance of the gut. The body needs to be in a state of calm, “rest and digest”, while eating. If you get stressed out and adrenaline begins to surge, the bad bacteria, viruses and parasites all begin to feast. This spells havoc for your gut and your health issues will flare. Sometimes it will take a little time to come up, but often it’s not long afterwards. So, while you may feel the need to get in some degree of news, I ask you to make a commitment to not do it while eating, before you eat, or within an hour of eating. And what about taking some days off of media or even a week off? And avoiding unpleasant topics in general while eating should be noted here. You will notice a difference in how you feel. Journal about this, and let me know your results.

Keep creating and doing good things. What are your musings and dreams for this beautiful world? Share this with others and write me to tell me about yours.

Many blessings,


I Get You Parents: The Yin and The Yang

Happy Solstice and Happy 4th! We just reached the greatest amount of yang on June 21st with our longest day of the year. We will continue to have great yang days in our lives, keeping us more active and social. Be sure to hydrate in the hot days ahead!

With the greatest day of yang having passed, it makes me think of the balance of the yin and the yang in our life. We all go through phases where we put more energy into something, and then find ourselves withdrawing or shifting that energy at some point. Notice now where your energy has been, where it’s going, and any judgments about it. It’s time to reflect on our year and to look ahead to great possibilities too. This is a time to recognize that no matter what you do, the sunrise always goes to sunset. There is no right or wrong, so carefully observe yourself, and your patterns.

Three weeks ago, my partner and I brought into our life two adorable kittens, Zeb and Cente. I am so blessed by their sweetness, purrs, curiosity and playfulness. At the height of yang, my days swung into a higher yang phase due to this new change. I found myself for the first week going through nights of being awoken too many times, and getting to bed late due to spending all my extra time attending to them. These kittens were feral that we had rescued, and I was compelled to spend extra time to make them feel like family, safe, and to socialize them. I fought extreme fatigue that first week, as I continued to not catch up on sleep, and I had to use a cup of black tea daily (when I had been free of caffeine for months) and still found times of the day to be difficult energetically. I started worrying if I was doing the “right thing” for my new babies. I finally felt like, I get you parents! Now I know that the care wasn’t as in-depth as a human infant, but the level of giving and the devotion of time was real and similar.

I was so grateful in that week that I had already established things in my life: planning, prepping and cooking whole foods, getting in some meditation and movement practice and having supports that I could talk to when I was frustrated or unsure. Sure, some of my life had become unbalanced: I usually take the time to get the 8-9 hours of sleep, and I missed some days of movement and/or meditation. I relied on more frozen veggies to cook and get me through the week, saving me time I would have spent chopping and cooking. I had a realization during this time of what a gift it was to have found ways to maintain health, through having tools and habits before I brought in greater obligations into my life.

This too has helped me recognize how much I want to continue to support my community with learning these supports, no matter where you are on your path. And if you are beating yourself up with the ‘should have, could have’, please gently lay that aside and love yourself for where you are and the opportunity that awaits you. We all are learning new habits, new ways of being, as each of us are being called to grow. Trust me, I know how challenging these times are as an HSP, highly sensitive person. The tip here is to observe and to trust yourself that you are doing the right thing, and to have gratitude for the awareness of what comes up that isn’t working for you.

One of my gifts is that I have spent a tremendous amount of time researching and integrating to heal my body. I had blood sugar issues as a teen, I’ve gone through weight gain times in my life, and I struggled with food and mood issues on and off through most of my adulthood. Most of you know I developed an autoimmune condition at age 33, and have since healed myself of it. I have learned not only holistic and eastern nutrition, but how to consciously eat and find what heals the body, mind and soul. I keep finding ways to simplify, and I want to be your guide so you can finally learn to do the things you’ve wanted to. If you are ready to be introduced to new habits, I can assist you through new ways of self-loving.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain more energy, go gluten-free, sugar-free or find peace of mind with the chatter in your mind around food, I’m here to support you. I’m offering my Conscious Eating Coaching for the remainder of the summer for $333 for a 4 session package. Let’s make a break through together! I want to see you grow and transform, and get to where you want to be. This coaching will meet you where you are now, and will include nutrition support with foods, recommendations for supplements and herbs, and tools to learn new habits around food, or how to let go of limiting beliefs and how to embrace shadow work so that you can finally heal.

Here’s to Self-Care and Transformation!


Are You an Intuitivore?

Yes I made up that word: intuitivore. This is someone who consumes by using their intuition. This would look like eating what our body tells us we need in the moment, as well as living by our intuition in all ways, not just related to food. What if we woke up and after we meditated (because meditation gives us the focus from our higher self), when you got to work you were supposed to work on one project, but you had no inspiration, but another thing that was on the schedule for tomorrow lit you up. Do that! Now sure, we’d have to follow what is needed within the scope of work, but maybe we could feel out what is best, and check in with others about what feels good for us to offer according to our energies and what lights us up. Perhaps this sounds impossible given your job and family needs? Let’s set aside for the moment that this is an outlandish idea. Place that ‘impossibility’ on the shelf on the edge of your mind, and let’s open this up and play.

What if we all lived by our intuition? Would we be sick because we pushed ourselves too hard? Probably not. In what ways can we begin to see this as a forseeable future? Starting with food, and honoring our needs is a good first step. Our bodies get to be in charge of us anyway. Here’s an example: My body recently decided to give me a bad headache and I was unable to work. I had to stay in bed with an ice pack on my neck. Some people take painkillers, but they don’t work for me and I prefer natural approaches (tumeric and Recovery), and I knew I had to do the emotional work. I laid in bed and thought about what had recently upset me. It was a combination of a relationship in which I needed better boundaries, and a dream I’d had that brought up old grief. I had to process it and I cried and released it. Later that day I did see my Amma Therapist, and she helped my body to let go of how the physical manifestation had come in. And as we processed it further during the session, I released the rest and let it all go.

This could have been resolved sooner had the week before as the issues were coming up I had attended to it. I kept trying to push through the next task, or the next outing, and meanwhile I wasn’t honoring that there was something underneath really bothering me. Our thoughts and emotions need room and space to be allowed, so we can release and grow and then flourish. But, we have to carve that time out.

We need to honor what is in the flow with us in our life. If we get to work and we find that we were going to have left over chicken and veggies for lunch, but our body is saying it can’t do meat right then, instead of pushing through and forcing what isn’t in the flow, try allowing. Allow yourself to go to the store or food place and order that salad with fruit, nuts and a healthy dressing. Not listening and stuffing our bodies with things that don’t sound good, will ultimately and eventually take it’s toll on the body and cause imbalance.

These small steps in doing what is right for you may seem like a small thing, but honoring that intuition will allow more in. Here’s what happened last week. I was working on this blog and all of the sudden I remembered I needed to respond to an email, or a message sent. I messaged the woman as this voice/knowing came in to get back to her. My timing couldn’t have been more perfect! She was in town for two days, and could meet with me. Our conversation led to an opportunity for me, and a healing for her. If I hadn’t reached out then, we wouldn’t have had that experience. A day later I was doing some paperwork and remembered I needed to mail some letters. I printed and prepped them and tucked them into the mailbox, closing the door and pulling up the flag. I walked into my backyard to put something else away. I came around the front one minute later and saw the postman at the mailbox. Eureka! Earlier that week I reached out to a friend to tell her I was open to contributing to a fundraiser, should she do one. She got back to me and had been contemplating a fundraiser, but needed that confirmation and nudge to get the ball rolling. I just followed a hunch to reach out about this. We had never talked about a fundraiser for her business before!

These events keep happening for me, as I continue to be aware and open to the opportunities. They flow in and if I don’t honor them, they flow out too. Sometimes they move on when I sit on them or think too hard. But most of the time, I listen and act quickly (or more often do). I have always considered myself an intuitive, but it’s growing, and there’s always room for more growth. It’s fun to see how much more of an adventure life is when following intuition. How can you become an intuitivore in your life?

Free Fall!


Get Your Spring Back

Spring is the best time of year to get the juices flowing (pun intended) and get the body expelling waste. If the toxins aren’t showing up and moving through, the weather is warming and guiding us to get energized and grow into our best selves! We can all benefit from a cleanse even if we are feeling well, energized and healthy. The cleanse I recommend and is easy for everyone including beginners, is the Master Cleanse. Also known as the lemonade cleanse, it is simple and consists of lemon water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. See the recipe down below for all the details. Start with a weekend and for those of you that can, 7 to 10 days on the cleanse itself will be transformative. The exciting part is you will feel energized on this cleanse. (If you have found yourself worn down or have a chronic condition, a cleanse may not be right for you. Please talk with me if you are unclear.)

It’s interesting too how the mindbody often wants to cleanse in the spring, and we find ourselves spring cleaning. While you are cleaning out the house and clutter, you will notice more space opening for you with ideas, revelations, creative juices flowing, and even a feeling of time opening and expanding. So, if you haven’t yet taken the dive into cleansing either your body or home, I invite you to set aside time to do so. Have a support buddy in the family do this with you if possible so that this can be a bonding experience.

And if the spring energies are going straight to your head, this can come out in anger and anxiety as the growth energies move things up and into our head space. Go outside and put your hands on the grass or earth and take some deep breaths when this happens. A cleanse like the one mentioned above will often help purify our whole being, and it’s good to be aware that you may begin to process more and need support during the time of cleansing so you aren’t letting things go indiscriminately. Amma bodywork assists in moving out toxins through the lymph system and removing blockages of stuck energy. As we are growing into our new selves, we will find we are purging old stored emotions and thoughts, like a snake shedding it’s worn out skin. Some of us need more assistance with our processing to let it all go. You may find what once worked in your life is now changing and you may be unclear on your next steps to get unstuck. Even large changes may be forced upon us, and we may need some guidance. This is where Transformation Coaching will guide you through the steps to change, and then ground you into these new ways of being. It will be as though like a snake, you’ll have new “skin” that will be radiant and glowing!

For Transformation and Nutrition Coaching or Amma Bodywork support through your spring cleansing, you can choose your package for my Mother’s Day flash sale or book a single session at: paypal.me/tanyakutterer and then email or call to schedule your dates in.

Namaste and Happy Spring Cleaning,


This Is Why You Are Still Sick

I keep up with the latest in science and I believe in Amma; acupressure and bodywork, whole foods nutrition, herbs and quality supplements. These are all doing wonders for the body. And while these are all important modalities (and whole foods are necessary), sometimes shifts in the body aren’t happening as quickly as people would like. (Let’s not forget we live in a quick fix; give me a pill society). And I’ve been exploring and see that the root of all healing whether it’s presenting psychologically or physically, is that you must address the emotional component. When you come to see me, in treatment we discuss the correlating emotions with the organ systems. Today let’s dive a little deeper into this journey with the emotional component.

In human development we learn that humans have an innate knowing of self through the creation of ego. The ego development is an essential part of our existence and is not “bad”, as we often think. From the ego stems the ability to distinguish us versus everything else. Initially this is helpful for us to differentiate, but ultimately we “learn” we are separate from the rest of everything else, including what we may call Source, God, or Universe. So we find ourselves alone. And the result of this separation is the early core wounding story we get from these lonely experiences of, “I’m not good enough”. From this, we must attempt to “be enough”, and yet continue to feel alone. The ego believes that out of this separation and isolation, it has power. You can imagine how this lie causes us great pain. But, when looking through the lens of the ego, we continue to see what is not, and whatever else we are not that can be desired. We continue on this path in seeing false stories that allow us to feel fear. Fear of not being and having enough. These are powerful stories with emotional attachments that make us sick.

So goes on our lives where we continue to be storytellers, making up stories based on beliefs and fear stories that we heard over and over in early childhood. Those stories have programmed us to stay in roles that keep us disempowered. Most often these have us in roles as either the victim, the rescuer, or the persecutor. We know from “The Four Agreements”, by Don Miguel Ruiz, we often take things personal, don’t always speak with integrity, make assumptions, and resist change while judging, criticizing and regretting our decisions and actions. And these disempowering thoughts continue to cause toxicity in our bodies resulting in numerous psychological and physical ills. Until we release them that is.

So part of why some of you are still sick, is some of you have been relying on me to be your rescuer. And I am not that. When you come to me for healing, it is you who is healing when you are open, ready, and willing to do what is needed. It’s okay that many of us have gone to a healer and wanted to be rescued. I too catch myself doing this. It is in our awareness of our patterns that we gain back our true power and heal. In this journey of imperfection, we get to learn how to lean into ourselves, but still ask for support and help along the way. Tricky business eh?

It is for this reason that I offer Transformation Coaching here at Blue Heron Holistic Health. Some of you already get that your thoughts make you sick, and you may not know how to get unstuck. And beliefs are tricky because they can sometimes feel beyond our reach. Through the coaching process, you dive into knowing your true desires, the emotions that are getting you stuck, the beliefs that no longer serve you, and find tools to stay present, and to calm and heal the body.

When we are more gentle and kind to ourselves, we come into our true power. We begin to attract the relationships, the career and the abundance that we truly desire. No, this is not a quick fix either, but in this process I can help you unfold into your greatest potential. Are you ready to dive into your soul’s calling? I know that you are enough, just as you are, and you will see this more too as you unfurl. Let’s dive in!

To Your Health!


Celebrate Earth Yang Dog Year 2018

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 16th, 2018, and this is the year of the Earth Yang Dog. In Chinese Medicine we look at how the 5 elements of wood, earth, water, fire and metal affect each of us both internally with our emotions, and physiologically. In the outer world, the elements also affect the overall nature of each year and can have a direct influence on us. We are coming into an Earth year, and the qualities that will temper this year will be those of stability, foresight, perseverance and introspection. The year will be quite harmonious if we use these markers as our guides.

Yang is the active state, and so we may have a lot of energy this year. We will have to continue to practice lots of self-care and self-compassion as we navigate all that is on our plate so we do not exhaust ourselves. Starting new habits will be easier and if we allow ourselves to remember the imperfect beings we are, we will find more happiness.

Dogs are by nature loyal, the truest of friends, honest and communicative. In this Yang Earth Dog year of 2018, we will do best in relationships and business through straight-forward and authentic communication. Just like the dog, we will want to be observant and deliberate in trusting others or in dealings. A strong sense of responsibility to the social welfare of our fellow human and the planet will help us all gain a stronghold in material and spiritual wealth. We must set aside our tendencies to be defensive, self-righteous, and overly critical of others, working instead for the benefit of greater balance in sisterhood and brotherhood to make the greatest impact and to become more loving. The dog can be practical and also very helpful, and these energies can be tapped into to keep us on track. Out of balance the energies can present as an underlying worry and anxiety about life. To overcome these tendencies, be hard working and don’t give up, but remember to balance with play and asking for support. Use your moral compass and intuition as your guide to find the right people to align with and the places to be, that will benefit you most. There could be some unforeseeable blocks this year, and especially with money. Be careful with risks and have alternate plans for things if and when they shift. Getting outdoors for mindful movement and grounding will help you to recharge and reframe.

Enjoy the playful dog energies and romp around!

Lol and Namaste,