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This Is Why You Are Still Sick

I keep up with the latest in science and I believe in Amma; acupressure and bodywork, whole foods nutrition, herbs and quality supplements. These are all doing wonders for the body. And while these are all important modalities (and whole foods are necessary), sometimes shifts in the body aren’t happening as quickly as people would like. (Let’s not forget we live in a quick fix; give me a pill society). And I’ve been exploring and see that the root of all healing whether it’s presenting psychologically or physically, is that you must address the emotional component. When you come to see me, in treatment we discuss the correlating emotions with the organ systems. Today let’s dive a little deeper into this journey with the emotional component.

In human development we learn that humans have an innate knowing of self through the creation of ego. The ego development is an essential part of our existence and is not “bad”, as we often think. From the ego stems the ability to distinguish us versus everything else. Initially this is helpful for us to differentiate, but ultimately we “learn” we are separate from the rest of everything else, including what we may call Source, God, or Universe. So we find ourselves alone. And the result of this separation is the early core wounding story we get from these lonely experiences of, “I’m not good enough”. From this, we must attempt to “be enough”, and yet continue to feel alone. The ego believes that out of this separation and isolation, it has power. You can imagine how this lie causes us great pain. But, when looking through the lens of the ego, we continue to see what is not, and whatever else we are not that can be desired. We continue on this path in seeing false stories that allow us to feel fear. Fear of not being and having enough. These are powerful stories with emotional attachments that make us sick.

So goes on our lives where we continue to be storytellers, making up stories based on beliefs and fear stories that we heard over and over in early childhood. Those stories have programmed us to stay in roles that keep us disempowered. Most often these have us in roles as either the victim, the rescuer, or the persecutor. We know from “The Four Agreements”, by Don Miguel Ruiz, we often take things personal, don’t always speak with integrity, make assumptions, and resist change while judging, criticizing and regretting our decisions and actions. And these disempowering thoughts continue to cause toxicity in our bodies resulting in numerous psychological and physical ills. Until we release them that is.

So part of why some of you are still sick, is some of you have been relying on me to be your rescuer. And I am not that. When you come to me for healing, it is you who is healing when you are open, ready, and willing to do what is needed. It’s okay that many of us have gone to a healer and wanted to be rescued. I too catch myself doing this. It is in our awareness of our patterns that we gain back our true power and heal. In this journey of imperfection, we get to learn how to lean into ourselves, but still ask for support and help along the way. Tricky business eh?

It is for this reason that I offer Transformation Coaching here at Blue Heron Holistic Health. Some of you already get that your thoughts make you sick, and you may not know how to get unstuck. And beliefs are tricky because they can sometimes feel beyond our reach. Through the coaching process, you dive into knowing your true desires, the emotions that are getting you stuck, the beliefs that no longer serve you, and find tools to stay present, and to calm and heal the body.

When we are more gentle and kind to ourselves, we come into our true power. We begin to attract the relationships, the career and the abundance that we truly desire. No, this is not a quick fix either, but in this process I can help you unfold into your greatest potential. Are you ready to dive into your soul’s calling? I know that you are enough, just as you are, and you will see this more too as you unfurl. Let’s dive in!

To Your Health!


Celebrate Earth Yang Dog Year 2018

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 16th, 2018, and this is the year of the Earth Yang Dog. In Chinese Medicine we look at how the 5 elements of wood, earth, water, fire and metal affect each of us both internally with our emotions, and physiologically. In the outer world, the elements also affect the overall nature of each year and can have a direct influence on us. We are coming into an Earth year, and the qualities that will temper this year will be those of stability, foresight, perseverance and introspection. The year will be quite harmonious if we use these markers as our guides.

Yang is the active state, and so we may have a lot of energy this year. We will have to continue to practice lots of self-care and self-compassion as we navigate all that is on our plate so we do not exhaust ourselves. Starting new habits will be easier and if we allow ourselves to remember the imperfect beings we are, we will find more happiness.

Dogs are by nature loyal, the truest of friends, honest and communicative. In this Yang Earth Dog year of 2018, we will do best in relationships and business through straight-forward and authentic communication. Just like the dog, we will want to be observant and deliberate in trusting others or in dealings. A strong sense of responsibility to the social welfare of our fellow human and the planet will help us all gain a stronghold in material and spiritual wealth. We must set aside our tendencies to be defensive, self-righteous, and overly critical of others, working instead for the benefit of greater balance in sisterhood and brotherhood to make the greatest impact and to become more loving. The dog can be practical and also very helpful, and these energies can be tapped into to keep us on track. Out of balance the energies can present as an underlying worry and anxiety about life. To overcome these tendencies, be hard working and don’t give up, but remember to balance with play and asking for support. Use your moral compass and intuition as your guide to find the right people to align with and the places to be, that will benefit you most. There could be some unforeseeable blocks this year, and especially with money. Be careful with risks and have alternate plans for things if and when they shift. Getting outdoors for mindful movement and grounding will help you to recharge and reframe.

Enjoy the playful dog energies and romp around!

Lol and Namaste,


Blue Heron Holistic Love Your Health Support Group

Blue Heron Holistic Love Your Health Support Group 

Many of us didn’t have time to really get our intentions set for New Years with the bustle of the holidays, or some of you may have wrote a list of 20 or more things that you want to do on your list this year (me in the past) or perhaps you have realized it’s the winter deep healing season, and you are honoring the rhythms of your body, and not pushing yourself to start anything new this month. Whatever your reason, you may be feeling called now to put into action the intentions you have or now would like to create. If so, I believe this could be the start of your best year because it takes 30 days to begin a new habit. So let’s build some new habits and get a fresh perspective on the year!

Are you experiencing unwanted cravings, have extra weight, not feeling energized throughout the day, have sleep issues, mood swings, blood sugar dips, menstrual issues, digestive issues, foggy brain, memory issues, get sick all the time, or have a chronic condition or you know you need a break from sugar? Then this Support is for you!

Tanya will be supporting you through the following cleanses and protocols including: Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), the Elimination diet, Candida diet, Whole 30 and the Parasite Cleanse. (If you have another one that I haven’t named here please let me know, as this may still work for you.) By the way, I have done all of these protocols successfully and feel confident that I can guide you! I have also gone off of sugar for over 14 months and can help you with this same resiliency! 

From January 29th, 2018 and for the next 30 days in a Facebook group (FB Love Your Health Support Group), you will have support from me and the group and this will assist you with accountability in keeping the progress and making it into a Habit! I will be posting recipes, ideas on cooking and getting more whole foods into your diet, and ways to get healthier in mind, body spirit. I’ll be available for questions in the online group.

Remember, Small Changes are the Key!

Additionally, an individualized assessment of which cleanse or diet would best support your body, and how to follow it can be done.

When: Beginning January 29th and going for 30 days. I am committed to being available 5 days a week on FB to answer questions, as well as I’ll be giving tips to keep you going and I’ll be there to cheer you on!


$35 for FB Love Your Health Support Group

$135 for an in depth assessment with a protocol best suited for you needs now, & individualized recipes to assist you. (*I highly recommend this for those who are unsure of what you are doing or are new to the protocol you want.)

$100 for a 1 hour coaching session to help you eliminate your emotional blocks at any time, either before or during the cleanse to help you to clear out your resistance and to keep you on track.

In 2018 Let’s Strengthen Support! (I know this is my goal!)

Blessings, Love and Light,


In Gratitude to YOU!

I am so grateful to each one of you for making 2017 my best year yet! My goal in life is to always evolve into the greatest potential that I can see for myself, and whether I am ready or not, that is where life and soul takes me, and each of us.

I get to have the JOY of seeing All of you become well in your body and mind, in steps over time. You are all so inspiring to me, and you are my teacher and my healer as well. A deep bow of gratitude to you.

2017 was a year of great blessings on many fronts: my health improved after being vigilant with a very strict diet including being sugar free for over 14 months. My partner and I bought a house in August, and I moved my office into our new beautiful small living room suite. There have been many trials and I have grown tremendously. I have taken many risks with my business to be here for each of you. Small healing businesses are delicate and it takes great skill to grow one. I thank you for your trust in my abilities. I love what I do, and I am blessed beyond measure. My most difficult work of this past year has been in navigating learning my old habits and beliefs, what doesn’t serve me, and peeling back the layers to letting each of these go. I am still a work in progress, but as I let go of these old stories that are untrue and that hold me from my potential, I light up greater and greater, stepping into my power more fully. This excites me and I want this for you too!

That is why in 2018 I am adding more focus to my new services. I love Amma bodywork with all my heart, because it is AMAZING! I am going to get better at telling everyone how awesome it is and how much it changes lives. And, I am also going to continue to grow through emphasizing more Conscious Eating and Transformation Coaching.

You see, my physical health has been very transformed through my nutrition and bodywork and self care, and I am SO pleased that I feel better than in my 20’s and early 30’s! I know this can happen for you too. And for those of you who are wanting to dive deeper into figuring out what you are here for, what really makes you explode with JOY and gets you out of bed excited every morning, I am so excited to offer this for you too in the Transformation Coaching, so that we can make the change that we are meant to today, and for all our days here. The world needs us now and we are the change we’ve been waiting for. I know if you are attracted to me, you are a change maker. For a while, I’m going to have my coaching rates at a special introductory price of $95 per hour. I am so excited for our greatest year yet!

I am going to make a commitment to you that I am taking all of my strength to show up as me in my full authenticity, more dynamic and as the Creator that I am! As I say this, it sounds all juicy, but it has been really scary for me, to let go of my old ways of being even though I dislike most of them greatly. We all get used to what we know, and it brings us comfort. I will be strong in believing in myself and believing in you. We are in this together. We’ve got this. And we are going to have the best year yet if you are ready to dive in with me.

So Blessed,



Lessons on Abundance

As I think back over this last year, and the lessons that I have learned, the one that has been emphasized over and over to me, is that we live in an abundant world! If you knew my whole story, you would know that I have not always felt this way, that I have been very poor most of my adult life (although comfortable and always well-fed), and that this has been a long journey. Perhaps like many of you, I did not know that I could have enough, or any sort of wealth (without a price). This was my belief. This poverty consciousness had me feeling lack in many areas, and it didn’t feel good, because if you have experienced this, (and most of us have), at the root of it, we don’t think we deserve the abundance, or somehow we are not good enough, or being punished. There is a lot of shame at the root of this, so you can see why so many of us don’t want to even look at it. Doing our inner work is messy, and looking at it is uncomfortable at it’s best. Until this last year, even when I was able to have enough clothes, or a nice enough car, or a nice place to live, there was always an area of lack in my life. (I should say that I am not 100% out of this paradigm, but I have shifted and still am greatly.) This often (like most of you) carried over into my health. We say to ourselves, and even cry out to all, that health care should be a Universal right! But underneath that, we have a hard time feeling like we can spend a certain amount on our health. Some of us are stuck with that we can’t afford bodywork (or certainly not more than once a month!), some of us are that we can’t afford the quality supplements, some of us are telling ourselves that we can’t afford organic. This is a shift that I guarantee you, you can make, but it’s going to take some risk.

When I was in school to get my Amma Therapy training, I began purchasing all organic. My food bill was high, but I knew that this was where I needed to put my money. And every time that I committed to my health, the Universe/God, has had my back. In 2016, I was in a car accident in which another car drove into my car. I wasn’t badly hurt, but I did have whiplash and the resulting headaches. I started to see a new chiropractor who turned my body around. This was the most expensive chiropractor I had ever seen! I had to pay out of pocket and wait for the insurance to reimburse me. It was hard for me to wrap my mind around the 8 month program that I signed up for. But, when I took the risk, the results happened. It was scary at first to think I would pay so much, and yet I knew I needed this. My neck completely healed and I’ve never had to go back in! The price was worth every bit.

I also took two business trainings that were thousands of dollars. I needed to understand how to grow my business, and I had never had formal business or marketing training, and so I had been eeking by. This investment has helped me to continue growing my business in a way that I didn’t know was possible before. This inner work keeps helping me to see how my life could be so much greater than I had ever felt possible. I still have debt from the training, but I know it will continue to pay off so that I can assist my community on a greater level. I now am envisioning something great that I will be sharing with our community. I am excited to tell you more about this in the near future!

So if you have felt that you can’t make that purchase for what your heart desires, or what your body truly needs, such as a package of Amma sessions, or coaching sessions, sit with your inner child and feel the root of this. Are you enough? You can tell him/her that you get to make a new choice now, and that the old story helped keep you safe. You can change your beliefs, you can create abundance, and every moment is a new moment! If you’d like to move through your belief blocks with EFT, I’d love to assist you.

And I encourage you to look over your past year, see what you have learned, and where you would like to go. Would you like to share that with me? I’d love to hear your year end review and celebrate how you’ve grown! I’m looking forward to assisting you in your path of greater health and abundance!

Many Blessings,



The Yuck Factor

In childhood at times I would be put in after school daycare. I didn’t like these places and didn’t feel warmth from the providers and I was extremely shy, so I experienced a lot of loneliness and boredom. One particular place would play Nickelodeon and the providers would show this ‘You’ve Been Slimed’. You may remember this where a person was subjected to a bucket of slime being poured on their head, and this was supposed to be funny. For me, it felt so dull and unfulfilling to be subjected to spending my time watching this and being around people who didn’t really care about me or their work. This I call “The Yuck Factor”. When you experience this, you are disappointed in what is offered, and you know that your soul isn’t benefiting. It turns out that the provider of whatever is being offered doesn’t have their heart into it either and they aren’t fulfilled, happy, or living a life of their true potential. The outcome for the provider becomes them looking for external things to make them feel good such as food, substances, recreation or some other escape. The receiver not only loses out on being in a fulfilling experience, but in the world of health care, they can often get hurt by this below average offer.

For example, in the world of health if you go to a provider who has a service with risks, complications, or you don’t understand the protocol, or you may not feel good at the end of the treatment, this will give you “The Yuck Factor”. Personally, I’ve experienced this when I saw my endocrinologist after being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease and was told by her, “There is nothing you can do with natural remedies or food to make your thyroid better.” While that doctor may have felt good about her statement and treatment protocol, what often happens is that allopathic doctors are managing on-going pain with symptom relief care. Eventually, not getting to the root issue will make the doctor feel unfilled on some level when they aren’t achieving their original mission of helping people become well. For me, if I had stuck with staying on medications, had my thyroid radiated, or had it surgically removed, (as were my options), I would always have “dis-ease” due to believing an authority figure with knowledge. But, because I was vigilant and believed in holistic means, I went to my Amma Therapist who helped me get on the right foods and supplements for my body and I did my internal work to bring down my stress.

Let us set aside judgment on this “Yuck Factor”, because we are all doing the best we can, and someone isn’t less than because they are stuck. What I am talking about is energy and getting into a space of resonance that is in your highest good. We all know people who are living a life of “The Yuck Factor”, and for a short time this may be you. (I have certainly been there, stuck in work I wasn’t fulfilled by.) This is when we are working a job we hate or feel stuck and are trying to “stick it out” and “make it work”. (Funny how we can’t force things)… This stagnates the qi in the body and will manifest as dis-ease because the soul and mind are not being stimulated by what they really desire. This is also being on a handful of medications and having pain from all the coexisting symptoms, or having had a surgery that didn’t go quite right and living in a lot of pain. The truth is that addressing diet, getting on the right supplements and herbs, and doing self-care is the way to get away from lifelong disease, victimhood and “The Yuck Factor”. I can coach you through this, or provide Amma bodywork to get you on the road to happiness. And for those stuck in a job, there is a way out. There is a way to get brave, step away, find out who you are, what you truly want and get there. Transformation Coaching with me will give you the guidance to get out of fear and into thriving. Are you ready to get well? If you want a hand, I am here to help lift you up and get you into ‘A Life of Ease’. Sounds much better right?!!

Blessings of Health & Happiness,


Acupressure & Yoga for Immune Boosting and Detoxification

Register for this event at or you can call me directly at 208-712-4045

Summer Transition Energies & How To Support Your Body

The season of late summer is upon us. Late evening light wanes and is paired with cool mornings. The crisp smells of the coming autumn are on the tips of our nose buds. With the season transition towards fall we may find ourselves in or out of balance with the element of Earth that governs the time between seasons.

For years I loathed the changing of the season and found it difficult to adjust to the shorter days and the heat leaving. I still love summer and am saddened that I must let it go, but as I become healthier in my body by getting the rest I need, eating whole foods and nourishing myself with a loving community, I find this time easier. My Earth element was out of balance by my constant overthinking due to the stressful relationships that I attended to. (Remember the element of Earth’s emotion is worry, rumination, overthinking and analyzing). As I have shifted my life into one of thriving, being honest with myself and devoting my life to my mission and purpose, I have continued to feel greater ease as this seasonal shifting time. Are you in balance?

The Earth element is associated with the organs of the stomach and spleen, so digestion will be highlighted. Are you taking the time to chew and enjoy your meals? Have you attended to eating with the season? We have an abundance of foods available to us that are in season and that can be enjoyed this time of year. Getting all the colors of the rainbow on your plate should come easily.

This season has to do with nourishing ourselves and feeling the abundance in our lives. Are you satisfied? Do you have enough and are you able to share your abundance? If you find yourself feeling resistive to change, are overindulging, overly-ingratiating, forgetful, extremely fatigued, worried, foggy-brained or needy of attention, then you are experiencing Earth out of balance. An inability to nourish the body or mind is an imbalance as well. Physically, the body can be affected by nervousness, hurried eating, and our food will not be assimilated if this is the case. If you are “holding on” to emotions and thoughts, you may experience constipation. An inability to “stomach” the ideas of others or resisting the end of summer may cause indigestion for some.  Muscle issues such as tension (inflexibility), stiffness, edema, loose or flabby skin or muscles and cracking or peeling of the skin also shows a disharmony.

By getting Amma bodywork, you can build on nourishing yourself and have the imbalances shift. Your energy will increase, your digestion will improve and your emotions will feel balanced as a result of a session. Transformation Coaching can help you to thrive and create the life that you are meant to live, in alignment with your highest mission and purpose.

Get things flowing!



Semiannual Review Time!

It’s hard to believe we are over half way through the year and it’s time to do a semiannual review of life to see what we’ve accomplished and where we are headed. It is time to celebrate all that we have done and look at what we are planning. Let’s make sure we are on track with our soul’s highest intentions and see what has been working so far and what needs to be let go of.

If you already journal, take some time to look back through it. Or, look over your calendar or goal list if you save it to see what you’ve been prioritizing. If you did write out goals or a plan for the year for yourself or your business, get that out and see what you can celebrate and what you want to change.

Here are thoughts for you to reflect and journal on:

  • What are your top triumphs?
  • What lessons have you had?
  • What areas can you see that you’ve grown in?
  • What would you like to be different?
  • What steps do you need to get to where your goals are?
  • What are you grateful for?

And, if you’d like to dive deeper into this, I am now offering Transformational Coaching. If you are wanting to get more clear on your path, achieve a goal quicker, get through a change or tough time in your life- whether it’s career, health, relationships related, or just stay on track with all of your to-do’s and get more organized and efficient, then this coaching is for you!

The Cost of Health Care

“I believe that the medical system is the number 1 risk to human health today on the planet outside of war.” –Sayer Ji (author, researcher and founder of GreenMedInfo)

Most of you who have found me and work with me understand the value of holistic care and want to receive something that addresses the body, mind and spirit. My approach with Amma and Coaching is to continue to meet people’s health needs in a natural way. One reason I found Eastern medicine is because of seeing my granddad suffering for years on medications. He knew the interactions from the medications were giving him new symptoms, but he felt that he had to take the prescriptions to stay alive. You can imagine the disempowerment this brought. Prior to his retirement, he had a career that he loved, but once he was supposed to be living his golden years, he was in chronic pain. He would tell me when I visited, “I’m not worth a darn.” It hurt to know he felt hopeless, helpless and was only getting some small benefits from using Western medicine. His life was prolonged, but there was no quality. What makes me the saddest is that he wasn’t able to develop a deep relationship with me and my family because of it. Now I know that he had dreams and hopes and ideas just like you and I. And he is part of the reason I have dedicated my life to helping others be free from chronic pain.

I don’t believe that medications are needed forever, or that they should even be a first go to. Now you all know I believe in a time and place for medication, but what has hit home for me again recently are how many people are suffering on medications and the risks involved from long-term use. As I have moved into working with more chronic illness, I see the ramifications on a weekly basis of long-term medication usage, as well as surgeries that may have been unnecessary, and that have continued to do more harm than good. When faced with a choice between the cost of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) and Allopathic (Western) medicine, consider these statistics: The American Pain Foundation found that in 2006 only 23% of clients felt their treatment with the use of opioid medications was “very effective”. And according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, deaths from opioid overdose went from 4,030 in 1999 to 16,651 in 2010. In that same year, prescription painkiller overdoses killed 15,000 people. These are huge numbers that we should be scared about. Surgeries don’t get much better results. Surgeries for sciatica and low back pain cost up to $50 billion in health care costs annually. One of the studies that looked at surgeries vs. non-surgery techniques including acupuncture, physical therapy and massage showed the outcomes to be the same within two years. In a study of those with arthritis and two groups: one using standard medicine and the other using acupuncture found those who used the acupuncture or herbs got the same or better results. The Institute of Medicine put a cost for the management of chronic pain of $261 to $300 billion for medical treatment in the U.S. With all of that said, we have more reason to believe in the efficacy of alternative therapy. I continue to work with those in chronic pain, those with autoimmune diseases, adrenal fatigue, hormonal and menstrual imbalances. And I believe food is medicine. The right supplements and herbs can help carry us along until we find homeostasis. I created Blue Heron Holistic Health because I want to uplift people and get them to a place where they are healthy. When people become healthy, they have quality relationships; they serve their friends and families, their communities, and this precious planet.

Cheers to Holistic Health!